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Hanan Waite is a mother, neonatal nurse,  author and founder of Earth's Angels. Born and raised in Ghana, West  Africa, and orphaned at a very young age, she always knew that she  wanted to help others that were in such desperate need in Ghana. At age  15, she moved to the Unites States and became a U.S citizen, still  knowing that she would somehow go back to Ghana and give back to those  who need it most. In 2012, she founded Earth's Angels with the dream  that she could make a difference in the lives of mothers and babies all  over the world.

We're Growing!

Since its inception, Earth's Angels has  helped mothers and babies all over the world. We have supplied hospitals  with life saving medical supplies, and refugee camps in Lebanon, with  warm clothing for the harsh winters. Founder, Hanan, believes that  giving locally is crucial, so there is always a shelter  or 2, that  Earth's Angels sponsors. We are still young, and trying to grow, so we  rely on the donations of individuals, to continue our work. Please  donate, and share with others, who may be moved by our cause.

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